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Can collagen be taken everyday?

Vytal 360 Collagen may support gut health, bones, ligaments, and muscle recovery.

Collagen supplementation is an excellent way to rejuvenate depleted collagen levels compromised by factors such as ageing, stress, lifestyle and the environment. But the question we hear a lot is “Is it good to take collagen every day?”

The good news is – Yes, you can definitely take collagen every day.

Collagen supplementation becomes increasingly important from the age of 40 and symptoms of collagen degradation become more pronounced. Collagen Peptides are a ‘complete protein’; one that contains all essential amino acids that the body utilises for breaking down food, growing and repairing body tissues, making hormones, brain chemicals, building muscle, and maintaining skin, hair and nails. Collagen significantly reduces joint pain while increasing overall mobility.

Vytal 360 produces the highest quality collagen supplements that are safe, ethical, and potent for your wellness and beauty concerns.

It is always beneficial to consult a doctor before commencing any new supplement.

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