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Collagen and it’s role in injury prevention

Collagen is a type of protein that plays an important role in the structure of connective tissues, including tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. It provides these tissues with strength and support, helping to prevent injury.

Injuries to these tissues are often caused by overuse, leading to small tears in the tissue that can accumulate over time and result in pain, swelling, and decreased mobility.

By consuming foods rich in collagen, such as bone broth, and supplementing with Vytal 360 collagen you may be able to increase collagen production in the body and improve the overall health of connective tissues, potentially reducing your risk of injury.

Muscle recovery is critical in the prevention of injury and in the recovery. Onestudydone on 24 recreationally active males looked at the impact of ingestible collagen on muscle damage, inflammation and bone turnover.

Participants were asked to perform 150 drop jumps ( drop off a raised platform, land and quickly jump up, for those who didn’t know – like us!) for 7 days. The result showed a marked reduction in activity related soreness by subjects.

This does not surprise us at all, because we hear this from so many of our customers who have previously experienced knee pain and muscle soreness, however on starting a programme of collagen supplementation – they no longer experience these symptoms.

There are so many causes of knee pain – from incorrect posture lifting weights, over-training, to having arthritis. There are a ton of studies that support the positive effects of collagen peptides in reducing knee and joint pain.

In anotherstudydone on 139 athletes, one group were given a dose of collagen every day for 12 weeks, the second group received none.Results showed a significant reduction in activity-related knee pain for the test group, as opposed to the group that received no collagen.

So you can see, collagen is an essential pre-requisite for injury recovery and sports injury treatment.

Our Vytal 360 Collagen Booster’s are sourced all over the world from high quality ingredients that are hydrolysed so they absorb more readily into the body. Our Boosters work hard so you can get the most out of life. Be sure to start adding some into a smoothie or coffee today!

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