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Ru’s Banana Bread Recipe(gf)

Our Founder Ruvanie stumbled across this 1 kg bag of  almond meal in the centre isle at Aldi supermarket recently, and like so many others thought ” I don’t know what I’m going to use this for, but it’s a great buy – I’ll find a use for it!” Voila a banana bread recipe with […]

Goodbye matte skin, Hello dewy dumpling

Glazed donut. Dolphin skin. Dewy dumpling. Whatever you wanna call it, glowing skin is having its moment. We’ve entered the glowy skin renaissance, where the point isn’t for skin to look airbrushed and perfect. It’s for skin to look hydrated, plump, and nourished. Our skin, just better. Enter Wild Marine Collagen. Here are our top […]

How long does it take for collagen to work?

One of the key questions we get is “How long will it take for me to see results? ” Average times vary from person to person but generally speaking it can take at least 8 weeks of consistent use before one notices the benefits. For some it may be sooner, others a little longer. Initially […]

What age should you start taking collagen?

Some key indications that you could be lacking in collagen are: dull and thinning hair, skin is dry and lacklustre, joint pain from exercise, thinning nails, slow injury recovery, wrinkles, and gastrointestinal problems to name a few. Collagen is naturally produced in the body when we are young, but the balance of production vs depletion […]

Can collagen be taken everyday?

Vytal 360 Collagen may support gut health, bones, ligaments, and muscle recovery.

Collagen supplementation is an excellent way to rejuvenate depleted collagen levels compromised by factors such as ageing, stress, lifestyle and the environment. But the question we hear a lot is “Is it good to take collagen every day?” The good news is – Yes, you can definitely take collagen every day. Collagen supplementation becomes increasingly […]

What is the best source of collagen?

vytal360 collagen booster supplement put into food and beverages

The health and performance of your body’s cells depend on the protein collagen. Collagen supplementation provides a myriad of health benefits. Collagen supports the growth and maintenance of the bodies tissues, including bones, ligaments, skin, hair, eyes, and the digestive system. Diets high in collagen-rich foods such as fatty fish, mushrooms, spinach, nuts and avocado […]

Breakfast Beauty Cookies

Cookies for breakfast you say? Why not, we say!  These delightful golden biscuits are not just any old confectionary. They are mouth watering morsels of goodness packed with oats, coconut and our Vytal 360 wild marine collagen. Perfection with a cuppa to fuel your day, when you need to keep on going! Best of all […]

The benefits of taking collagen

Collagen is the main protein that makes up our connective tissues. This includes our muscles, joints, ligaments, tissues and skin. We don’t realise how much our body relies on collagen until it starts to produce less of it! We notice it not just in our looks but in how our body works. As we age […]

Collagen and it’s role in injury prevention

Collagen is a type of protein that plays an important role in the structure of connective tissues, including tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. It provides these tissues with strength and support, helping to prevent injury. Injuries to these tissues are often caused by overuse, leading to small tears in the tissue that can accumulate over time […]